The Process of Digital Real Estate

The Process of Digital Real Estate

January 16, 2018


There aren’t many things that we can’t accomplish simply by going online.  Nowadays, all of our needs, from the weekly purchase of groceries to sharing those special family photos with the relatives living in Timbuktu, we increasingly rely on our smartphones or iPhones and easy access to everything via the internet.  We’ve streamlined the errands that used to take us all day to complete in our day-to-day lives down to a few clicks and buttons pushed.

While the convenience of all the online services and applications that remove the need to physically visit each location where we want to do business certainly do free some time in our lives, there are still things that really should be done in person.

According to a recent real estate survey, most people believe that buying a house is one of those things best done in person.  While we love having the convenience of mobile apps, websites and social media as a wonderful additional source of home buying information, we want the assurance of professionals meeting with us face to face to handle details of mortgage loans.  We want to look our real estate in the eye when we receive the purchase or sale information we are expected to trust about what is most likely the largest financial investment we’ll ever make.


In short, although almost 99% of us are utilizing online resources to make the real estate purchasing or selling process more efficient,  who offer their years of experience and expertise.

Bottom line, the majority of people agree the entire mortgage and home buying process is just complicated enough to require the combination of both online resources and the professional guidance of a local marketing specialist for a truly winning mix that leads to a successful real estate sales process.

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