Transform your New Jersey home to look like a million dollar dazzler!

Transform your New Jersey home to look like a million dollar dazzler!

August 17, 2018

Breathe new life into the décor of your home.  Freshen it up for your own enjoyment or get it ready to dazzle potential buyers with its beauty and charm.  Impress yourself and others with these budget friendly decorating ideas:

  1. Minimize – always the quickest way to a feel of fresh is start by decluttering a room. Minimize the distractions from those two or three key pieces of art, a grouping of special photos or the simple beauty of the space.
  2. Splash on the color – and change the atmosphere in one room or every room! A coat of paint in the freshest colors take your space from dreary to cheery in an afternoons time.  Maybe just an accent wall or lighten up a ceiling with a hue that has the faintest touch of color to spark a sense of cheer.  And don’t just think walls and ceilings!  Contrasting trim, accent pillows or go BOLD and paint the furniture.  Get creative and add a faux finish to a wall or table to add gleam and sparkle.
  3. Accessorize with style – those cabinets and doors will take on a whole new look when accented with updated hardware! Whether you start with a clean coat of paint or spruce up the stain, new pulls, hinges and doorknobs add pizazz to existing fixtures.
  4. Repurpose to refresh – Simple rearranging can change the entire look and feel of a home. Don’t limit yourself to the furniture currently occupying a room either!  Take a walk through each room and look with new eyes at the pieces.  Might they live happily in a new arrangement in a different room?  The interior of the home should be livable AND attractive!  Wall art might enjoy a renaissance living on a new wall or in a new layout.  Experiment!  Switch up the lighting and see what shines and dazzles anew.
  5. Living details dazzle – Plants are the silent background on the canvas of our homes. They don’t just add life to inanimate rooms, they can clean the air and clear away odors, too!  Choose plants that work in the varying sunlight available in each room.  Be sure to include some with color!  The choices of indoor plants are fabulous, but don’t neglect letting the great outdoors be part of the interior decorating as well.  Open the shades and curtains to allow the view from the windows become part of the view from the inside, (wherever possible without compromising privacy of course!).

Be sure to include a vase or two of gorgeous cut flowers in key areas once or week or so then enjoy the invigorating spring in your step from all the overflow of happy exuding from your “new surroundings!  If selling is your goal, your local marketing specialist will add to this list of preparations for your best price and terms.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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