Bump Up the Value When Selling Your Home

Bump Up the Value When Selling Your Home

September 26, 2017

Increase the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers

before they ever walk through the front door.

Photo Credit: HGTV

Photo Credit: HGTV

In fact, providing eye candy for your potential buyers from the moment they spot your house won’t just increase the likelihood of a buyer making an offer to purchase, it can actually increase the amount of that offer.

The results of every survey are unanimous; the more appealing a home looks, the higher value of the home in the eyes of a buyer.

How can you achieve this instant increase in value when you are ready to sell your home?  It all begins with giving attention to curb appeal.

  1. ADD COLOR; Color makes a home look alive and fresh. A few well-placed dashed of color in the front garden or off season, at the entrance, draw your visitors in.

Adding pops of color doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Outdoor pillows on a comfortable seating arrangement in brilliant fall designs will bring a smile to the face of your buyer the moment they spot the home.

Attractive, even if plastic, greenery in colorful pots around the front entrance is effective, as is a simple display of colorful pots on their own.

  1. NEAT AND TIDY; An important thing to remember in the fall – a yard full of blown leaves just looks like a yard full of work! Work isn’t what you want a potential buyer focused on. The joy of owning the home needs to be the focus.

Rake the leaves regularly through the fall, just like you’d shovel the walks and driveway regularly in the winter.

  1. OTHER UPGRADES; A fresh coat of paint where and as needed does wonders

Trimmed bushes, weeded front gardens, a clean swept porch and entryway are all industry standards for high curb appeal. Tasteful door decoration that isn’t overwhelming can be a nice POP as well.

Is it time to replace the screens on the windows?  Replace the screen doors?  Upgrade the door hardware?  Fix, replace, remove, paint or exchange the shutters?

Take a look at how the inside window treatments look – from the outside!

Photo Credit: HGTV

Photo Credit: HGTV

Even in a sellers’ market, increasing the visual appeal beginning at the curb increases the value of the home in the eye of the beholder, in this case, the buyer you want to entice to make the highest possible offer to purchase your home.  Get more ideas and excellent marketing of your home sale from your local real estate specialist for a fast, efficient and appealing transaction.



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