Staging a Winter Sale

Staging a Winter Sale

November 09, 2018

Fall and winter are the time of year when the housing market typically slows down. The approaching holidays and colder weather mean fewer people are planning for a move. But that can mean opportunities for buyers and sellers!  According to a study by the Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) fully 95% of homes that have been staged sell within 35 days or less and garner offers close to or at asking price.

A professionally staged home can be a real advantage, but if there isn’t room in your budget for a professional service, implementing these ideas can have the same desired affect:

  1. Let in as much natural light as possible. Window coverings pulled aside, lamps and overhead lights lit, and even accent lighting.  The more light, the brighter and higher elevated mood a buyer will experience when touring your home!
  2. Eliminate every scrap of the usual clutter that accumulates from the day to day living in a home. It does take extra effort but it is worth the return on investment you will enjoy in the form of better offers made quicker.
  3. Less furniture clustered in seating arrangements make a room look and feel bigger. Bigger is what a buyer is looking for and giving it to them doesn’t require taking down walls.  It’s all about removing excess furniture.  One couch, two chairs and two accent tables artfully arranged are all the living room should contain.
  4. All personal pictures, knick knacks, and excess ornamentation should be packed away and ready to decorate the new rooms in your new home when you move. They just distract a buyer from seeing the house and themselves living in it during a sale.
  5. The more relaxing a bedroom feels the sooner the buyer wants to move right in! Transform yours into a tranquil setting with soothing colors, soft lighting and attractive bedding.
  6. Enough cannot be said about a spa-like sense in the bathroom. It isn’t so much about the size as it is the feel.  Smell is very important in this space.  Decorate with plush towels, plush robes on the hooks and fancy scented soaps creatively arranged on the sink.  If you have a spa tub, play it up!  And don’t forget the final finishing touches, like candles and a plant to boost appeal.
  7. Accessorizing in any room, use the tried and true design Rule of Three. One is an item, two is clutter but three is a collection to be shown off. Kids art, plants, wall art or whatever;  when you arrange three in a grouping it becomes a design element.

Don’t neglect these three important rules to have buyers competing to own your house:

  1. Fragrance: careful you don’t overdo and irritate rather than soothe. Soft smells, fresh smells, comfortable smells are the end game to strive for
  2. Closet space: this is not the time to stuff things out of sight in closets or cabinets. A buyer wants to peek into these storage areas and you want them met with an abundance of open, inviting space for them to visualize storing their own gear
  3. Curb appeal: Winter comes with its own beauty, but don’t let buyers have to slip and slide through that beauty to reach the front door. Don’t over-decorate but don’t fail to decorate at all either.  A lovely wreath, a potted winter shrub or tasteful, understated holiday décor is called for during a sale process.

When compared to the national average of days on the market for non-staged homes, the advantages of staging are clear. It not only enhances a home’s appeal to buyers it can in fact allow them to more easily envision themselves living in the home.  Your local marketing specialist can make specific suggestions based on trends to assist you in buying or selling this holiday season.


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