Is this a good time to sell a home in New Jersey?

Is this a good time to sell a home in New Jersey?

February 26, 2018

It’s almost impossible, though not unheard of, to sell a house without showing if off to potential buyers.  There are those exceptions – buyers who for reasons of their own, are willing to buy sight unseen; though usually only after viewing at least the pictures and video provided.

That’s why we track statistics like “how many house showings” kind of numbers.  They give a very good indication of buyer interest.  Were you thinking of selling a home but were uncertain if the interest of buyers is there?

According to all the research the number of showings – which refers to a professionally arranged tour of a home for sale – are up 10.3% nationally over this same time last year. Regionally speaking, all over the northeast but especially here in New Jersey saw the largest jump, with a 15.2% increase.

These numbers are a good indication of how much interest there is from potential home buyers. That’s good news for New Jersey homeowners who are looking to sell their house.  Inventory has been at critically low levels and the evidence we are seeing in many markets indicates there are still far more qualified and ready to purchase buyers, than there are homes for sale.

Homes aren’t staying on the market very long, and that has always been the greatest hope of a home seller; a fast sale!

Getting enough money from a sale has always been a major concern as well.  Over 92% of homeowners who saw prices drop during the crisis of 2006 have regained all of that lost equity plus.  Prices have actually been increasing, gradually but steadily, over the last 5 years specifically.  Almost all homeowners have gained value.

Finding the specific market value of your home takes just one call.  Your local marketing specialist will provide an on-site inspection and valuation details without cost or obligation.  Don’t delay that call.  Competition is minimal right now and interest is high.  Take advantage of these prime selling conditions to make the move you’ve been thinking about!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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