Happy Hallowe’en Essex County New Jersey Home Buyers!

Happy Hallowe’en Essex County New Jersey Home Buyers!

October 09, 2019

Would you really like to own your own home, but you’re just a little scared to cross that final threshold? Knowing the right questions to ask before that leap into an offer to purchase is one of the best ways to take the fright out of moving forward with your dream of home ownership!

Your local marketing specialist can answer all of the questions you will have about buying your home, but here are 4 essential questions you must ask:

  • Is there a homeowners association (HOA) or other restrictions you need to know about? For instance, you should know in advance if you will be taking on the responsibility of ongoing fees, such as HOA dues or maintenance fees.
    1. Are there rules imposed on owners in the neighborhood and can you live with them?
    2. Are there common areas such as utility easements? And how will they impact any plans you may have to build on to the house or fence the property, put in a garden?
  • Are there local assessments planned? Does the city or county have projects planned for the near future you should know about?
    1. Things like new utility poles or light poles could mean higher taxes.On the plus side, an up-and-coming area can be a great place to buy, as home values are likely to rise.
    2. Are there other improvements planned that effect your costs and enjoyment of the home?
  • What about the utilities? There are things you should make sure you know beyond monthly costs for heating or cooling.
    1. Is it city sewer and water or will you be dealing with wells and septic tanks? With different systems, there are different questions to ask that will be pertinent to your decision making.
    2. What options are available for things like cable, internet and other desired services.
  • What does the neighborhood offer? How important to your lifestyle is the school system?  What about other amenities such as public transportation or public parks? How convenient is food delivery, shopping, restaurants or other services you may want to enjoy?

Working side by side with a real estate professional right from the beginning takes the fear out of choosing the home that works best for your household needs and your budget. The more information you’re armed with, the less chance of scary encounters after the offer is made and accepted!

To search all new and available listings for sale, or find out the value of your current home, visit http://njrealestatehomesearch.com.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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