5 Reasons to Let Go (and a few ways to make it easier)

5 Reasons to Let Go (and a few ways to make it easier)

August 23, 2019

Existing home sales have been enjoying a fast turn-around.  It could be even better, if only there were more homes available to choose from!

If you’ve thought about selling your house, I’d really love to talk to you. Timing is perfect, conditions are excellent and you may find yourself quite pleased by the price your home could fetch!

Right now we are seeing near to perfect conditions for current homeowners to fetch the highest price in the shortest time frame. Almost ideal motivating factors are in place, which should translate into a marketplace flooded with For Sale signs planted in front yards across Essex County:

  1. Consumer demand is at all-time highs, with serious, eager and qualified
  2. Home equity has significantly increased for the majority of homeowners
  3. Sale prices have risen sharply at every price point
  4. Days on Market is averaging 30 or less in many cases
  5. Consumer confidence in economic and job forecasts is strong

Taking full advantage of these excellent conditions requires a little preparation, as you still want to capture the absolute best offer.  Start with these 3 suggestions:

  1. Most buyers expect a move in ready home requiring very little if any work to be done. Since move in ready can easily mean many different things to different people, you’ll want the expert advice of a local marketing specialist to guide you on how to achieve your best results.  No one wants to spend time or money on improvements that won’t show a good return.
  2. You may have heard this one hundred times but it is still a major factor in getting the highest price; a clean and uncluttered home inspires the highest offering price. The time you invest to present a house in tip top shape, looking and smelling fresh as a daisy will never be wasted!
  3. According to data gathered by the Real Estate Staging Association, statistics show homes staged before listing are selling 90% faster than homes that are not staged. One of the biggest myths is that empty rooms look bigger.  Staging surveys prove that furnished rooms present buyers with a better platform to visualize their own furniture placements, thereby eliminating concerns that their furniture won’t fit.

Uncertain if the timing is right for your circumstances? Contact me for more information about this market, how the current value of your home is effected and why it’s such a great time to put a house on the market for sale!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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