The Value of A Birds Eye View

The Value of A Birds Eye View

April 20, 2020

Home purchasers in the northern New Jersey real estate market today are far more discerning and have access to a wealth of data to inform and assist them in their buying choices. With all the options available and the technology to access those options, one thing remains just the same.

A great picture does far more to capture attention during the online search process than even the best worded description can possibly accomplish!  

While the potential buyer for your house is researching prices, browsing all the competition and eliminating those houses on the market that don’t “show” well in online pictures, your pictures could be riveting their attention.

It’s increasingly likely that buyers will seek out aerial photography that provides a wider, deeper view of the homes they are considering.  People are as attracted to how a home is situated as to interior layout, fixtures and features they are most interested in.

Like the professional ground-level photos and virtual video tours that simulates first-hand views, aerial stills and video are invaluable to buyers when evaluating properties. Particularly if topography and land features are an integral part of the overall features of a property, aerial views ensure the first impression your property makes is enhanced to the fullest.

When selling a property, the level of professional marketing impacts the level of serious consideration given to a property based on that online research where the majority of buyers start their buying experience. This local marketing specialist offers the level of professionalism and quality marketing technique that will help a buyer feel good about their choice to pursue your property.

Applying those skills, tools, and the needed professional eye to make your property show its best online can even shorten sale time and raise the final list price, too!

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