The Mathematics of Selling a Home

The Mathematics of Selling a Home

December 05, 2018

When the need to sell a home presents itself during the holiday season, ensuring the least amount of stress during an already stressful time is most likely high on your priority list. You know you want to ensure you both list at and receive the highest sales price and you shouldn’t settle for anything less!  Although the specific reasons for selling, along with any time restrictions you may have to work within will affect the price and terms it is still possible to have a great experience.

These elements play a major role:

  1. Cooperation – between homeowner and professional is key to success! Being on the same team means working diligently toward a mutual goal
  2. Recognition – of loan types and how they affect the sales process. Certain loans carry requirements that mean your house doesn’t meet the criteria for a buyer to complete the purchase.

Beside the actual market factors, such as average days on market and level of inventory and buyer demand in your price point, the single biggest influence on your sale will surely be:

  1. Expertise – of the hired professional in devising a specific market plan and conveying clear and concise information including everything from vetting offers to negotiating on your behalf the best price and terms
  2. Reputation – of the agent you hired plays an integral part in the process, as a poor reputation among peers may cause them to steer buyers away if they believe a transaction may not be conducted with professionalism and ethical behavior
  3. Skill – to put into practice the latest techniques to position your property to the best advantage under the market conditions in your area

Once you make the decision to sell a home, from that point to the successful transfer of title at your closing, the people introduced into the transaction will determine not only the final outcome but the ease of the process itself.  Current conditions of the local market along with hiring the best local marketing specialist will make all the difference you need and want in your sale.

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