Crossing the Finish Line in New Jersey Housing Market

Crossing the Finish Line in New Jersey Housing Market

March 19, 2019

Are you excited about buying a new home this spring?  In most of the country, May through August prove to be the busiest season for real estate sales and northern New Jersey is no different.  Those of you looking for a home are determined to secure the one you want in time to register for the new school year, right?

Or are you hoping for a great home sale this spring?  Perhaps you’d simply like to finish settling into your new place before cold weather moves in.

The month of April is our Starting Line and the race is about to begin!  Your local marketing specialist, like any great coach, is ready with the advice that will get you over the Finish Line to victory.

  1. For a buyer, to assure a smooth transition in a timely manner, you are well advised to accompany a clean, uncluttered bid with a firm letter of approval from your lender.
  2. For the seller, in order to attract those awesome offers, you are well advised to have a strategy to market your home for your geographic area, taking the special features of your home into consideration of course!

If you’ve vacated a property before putting it on the market it’s important to keep the utilities on and working bulbs in the light sockets!

Think about how difficult it would be for a buyer to appreciate the many beautiful features of the property if it’s so dark they can’t see them!  Remember when you bought this house?  How important it was for you to see everything and to feel confident that everything was working?  It’s the same way you want a buyer to feel when viewing the house.  Just as confident in making the decision that this is the right home for them.

They probably would like to check the water pressure in the showers to be sure it is adequate.  And they definitely want to be able to examine every corner of every closet to be sure it meets their need. Especially if there’s a basement, you don’t want darkness greeting potential purchasers. (There are insurance concerns to consider as well).  You want your potential buyer to feel invited to inspect the attic and happily discover it’s dry and well insulated.

Encourage every potential buyer to visit, even if they only have the evening hours to do so by making sure everything is bright, easy to examine and leaves a buyer feeling cheery!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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