Selling in Montclair…with pets!

Selling in Montclair…with pets!

March 26, 2018

Furbabies and feathered friends are a joy and those who love them know, they aren’t just pets but a vital part of our family dynamics.  Those in tanks don’t normally present any real problems or hindrances when others come into our homes. However, when we add strangers to the mix with free roaming pets, the love may not flow quite as freely.  When you put your home on the market that is what happens, strangers are added to the mix and they may not be as gaga over the cute antics of your pets as you are!

Precautions and preparations MUST be made in advance to accommodate our adorable pals, BUT not at the expense of the potential buyer of our home if we want to sell for top dollar and within as short a time frame as possible.

The worst scenario is an unsuspecting agent with eager ready buyers opening the front door, or any door in the home, and being greeted by an unexpected surprise!  Friendly or not, it usually won’t be appreciated. Neither will being inhibited from fully exploring the home due to a pet being locked in an area.  A buyer most likely won’t purchase a home they can’t freely and completely inspect.


  • Remove pet from the home for all showings
  • Be especially diligent about pet smells during the sales process
  • Treat pet toys, beds and dishes as you would any clutter – be neat and organized!
  • NEVER put your pet at risk by expecting perfect strangers to keep them from running out an opened door!

While it takes a little extra effort to appeal to the widest selection of potential buyers when pets are part of your home, there are pluses you may want to highlight since more than 61% of people have pets or plan to get one.

  • Fenced areas for pets to roam freely
  • Already installed pet door
  • Laminate or wood flooring

Give your home every chance to sell, sell quickly and sell at the best possible price while safe guarding your furry family members.  Your local marketing specialist can show you how!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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