September 09, 2019

Getting a NJ home in the best condition for a sale is a top priority, but there are those less than ideal situations that require a different strategy to get the job done.  Perhaps the property you are seeking to sell isn’t in the greatest shape and repairs aren’t in the budget.

This can be the circumstance if you have a rental property that, although you’ve cared for the common areas, renters haven’t taken the same great care on the inside.  Or you may need to sell a house that has simply been empty for some time and maintenance just wasn’t a priority.

Each home sale is unique, and there are marketing methods to create a great sale, even when difficult to overcome challenges are present.

PRICE OPTIONS: selling at lower than market value will usually attract wholesale or investor buyers. Investors understand they are purchasing at a lower price in return for receiving the property in “As Is” condition.

MORTGAGE OPTIONS: Carrying the mortgage yourself may benefit a seller in several ways, including receiving a monthly income, which can be attractive in some situations.  This could also result in getting a higher sales price. A local lender is a good source of information to discover if this option is right for your sale.

PARTNERSHIP OPTIONS: A local contractor may be willing to partner with you, completing needed repairs based on a return at the sale of the property.

While not every real estate transaction is of the common, garden variety, a problem property doesn’t mean it isn’t sellable.  Remember, for every type of property someone is interested in selling, there is always someone interested in buying it.  Explore all the different options available to you, along with marketing plans that bring those two elements together with the help and expertise of your local marketing specialist.

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