February 13, 2020

Looking into a rearview mirror at a landscape image of a deserted, divided highway heading towards the Northern California foothills near Petrolia.

It was almost unheard of in the 80’s and 90’s, the idea that anyone would purchase a new home WITHOUT EVEN WALKING THROUGH IT FIRST!

My how things have changed in the real estate industry!  New technology that goes far beyond simply allowing advanced viewing of still pictures online.  Remember those old “virtual tours” that left you feeling slightly sea sick?  Not anymore! Technology advances have made the virtual tour not just the norm, but a useful and pleasant experience for house hunters.

Whether you are relocating from out of area or simply trying to save time and get a jump on the competition from too far a distance fo a quick drive.  Via technology, you can virtually “see” those most desirable homes that come on the market – AND SELL – faster than you can say “Full Price Offer”.  The advantages afforded by technology don’t replace, but work hand in hand with a personal real estate representative, offering you, the consumer, the best possible outcome in today’s marketplace.

Advances in graphics mean those details once only clearly seen by the human eye and a personal visit  are now completely visible through online viewing capabilities.  Intricate details, like colors, are vivid and true.  This handily translates to financial savings for a significant portion of the relocation ,real estate buying public.

Back in the day an employment transfer entailed high costs that included travel expenses, not only back and forth from current home to future home, but also hotels, meals and other necessities as well as time constraints that often led to rushed and unhappy outcomes.

With technology advances through the internet and specialized apps available, you can scout out your new home choices from the comfort of your current home.  How convenient to include your whole family in on the decision making process and actually feel comfortable putting a bid on your next home right away!

When you find yourself in a position to make a move across town or across the states, your local marketing specialist has the technology in place to make that move simpler, faster and less expensive! There is plenty of information concerning neighborhoods, your desired amenities, schools and commute times to your new job.

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