Refreshing Values!

March 07, 2018

The onset of spring is just around the corner; are you ready for it?  How about your home?  Is your house ready for a new season?

Maintenance check lists are popular for one very good reason – maintenance is far less expensive than repairs!

While we may not enjoy seasonal chores they are a necessity to the health of our home; so here’s a list to get your spring off to a fresh start!


  • The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – when was the last battery check done?
  • While you’re replacing the furnace filter for next year, take an extra 5 minutes and remove the dust from the dryer vents and around the inside rim of heat vents, too
  • Did you know your window casings have “weep holes”? They are there to stop rain water from sitting in the ledge and causing mold or mildew.  A quick vacuum will clear any debris that may be stopping them from doing their job efficiently
  • Flushing your hot water heater clears out sediment that may cause system failure, which can prolong the life of this appliance as well as deliver hot water more efficiently
  • Most refrigerators have a drip pan. These should be checked and emptied periodically, not just to avoid water spills, but also to avoid mold finding a convenient place to grow.  A quick once over with a bleach based all-purpose cleaner can inhibit mildew as well


  • Did you get to those gutters before the first snow covered everything in a pretty blanket of white? If not, that should be the first order of business, so all those April showers will only result in a beautiful garden of flowers come May. Water that backs up under the roofing material can wreak havoc later
  • Clear out the casement around basement windows to avoid inadvertently providing shelter for unwanted bugs to call home – and possibly start calling your home, home!
  • Patch unsightly bare spots in the lawn! Planting grass in your bare spots isn’t just about grass – it’s about keeping the wet out of your home and away from your foundation
  • Examine your roof – don’t climb up, use those bird watching binoculars!
  • Check your siding for any loosened panels and repair which is much easier and less expensive than trying to replace once they go missing!
  • Time to slide up those storm windows and let some fresh air in! Keep bugs out by checking screens and patching any holes or replace worn screening with new

A few areas may be better served by hiring professionals to help out.  Things like a good air duct cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets freshen the whole house and minimize allergens!  Don’t neglect to vacuum your mattresses, too.

Protecting the investment you’ve made in your home is always a sound decision that enhances your enjoyment of the home and doesn’t hurt the resale value, either! Speaking of resale value, have you been thinking about selling?  If so, you’ll need to know current home values in your area and get an expert opinion to assess what your house might sell for on the open market.  Sales are booming and spring will see an increase in competition, so if you’ve been considering a sale, contact your local marketing specialist right now for the latest information!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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