Organize your Montclair Home (and make new friends!)

Organize your Montclair Home (and make new friends!)

April 05, 2019


Home organization has always enjoyed popularity off and on through the years.  You may have already heard about the newest, latest and best decluttering and organizing advice.  But having FUN while organizing those overstuffed closets?  According to one clutter free guru, you just shouldn’t tackle those closets by yourself!

She suggests that you start a circle with a few truly close friends or even perfect strangers you’d like to get to know better.  Put together a schedule that includes each home and everybody pitches in to get it all done.  Instead of boring yourself to tears organizing that closet on your own, just organize 3-4 friends over the next 3-4 weeks and then everybody has organized closets!

LIFE HAS A WAY OF HAPPENING, EVERY DAY!  SO after the party, how will you stay organized?  After all, it was because of the daily busyness of living that all those areas got so disorganized in the first place.  Life gets running at full steam and there doesn’t seem to be enough time for all of it.

While all the newest ways and tricks and ideas for organizing are terrific, what about a few really old-fashioned, old timey ways of STAYING organized?  Maybe we can learn a trick or two from generations of Grandma’s. (MiMi, Granny, Nonna, MommaG or whatever you call yours)

Once a week pick one of those spots you spent all that time and energy organizing and give it the old once over.  If you are like most busy people, after a week or two or even three, things won’t be that bad.  They won’t be overwhelming. So this shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to accomplish:

  • that junk drawer will only have 30 seconds worth of junk to be dealt with
  • the hall closet will barely need de-cluttering
  • the always favorite drop spot just inside the most often used entry where everyone dumps off whatever is in their arms? Hardly a dump pile to deal with!
  • Give each bath a quick once over before settling down for the night and the gunky bathroom funk won’t even appear, never mind build up
  • One day a week wipe down the inside of the fridge and dump the stockpiles of leftovers no one had a craving to finish off

It’s all the same basics that our own grandmothers followed – they just had all day to get it accomplished and we’re trying to get it done in minutes!  Your local marketing specialist is here with insights, tips and real estate trends when you need it (or help in finding a whole new home if that’s on your schedule)!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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