When only NEW will do; buying a new home in New Jersey

When only NEW will do; buying a new home in New Jersey

September 14, 2018

What could be better than new car scent?  How about a brand new home! Purchasing a newly constructed home direct from a builder is a little different than buying a previously lived in home. Possibilities abound, and choices, while so sweet to have, can get overwhelming!

New built homes come with built in benefits:

  • Choose upgrades based on your lifestyle
  • Customize to your taste and budget

Unlike a purchase with a home owner who has some attachment and most likely a different set of motivations for selling, builders make their living selling the product they produce and their motivation is to build the house you want to buy so they can make a profit.

This is why a visit to a builder’s sales office has a completely different feel from a resale home showing. It can seem like nothing different than a visit to the car dealer or a furniture store.  In other words, it might make you feel like you don’t need an experienced real estate agent to represent you. However, that could be a costly mistake. After all, you’re still entering into a major financial transaction with many variables and risks. As friendly and helpful as the sales staff will be, you are working with a team employed by the builder to protect the builder’s interests.  You’ll want to have someone with experience who can look after your best interests and make sure you’re getting the best deal. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a good deal but it does mean you’ll be the only one whose top priority is getting what you want at a fair price.

The purchase of a brand new home is generally more expensive than purchasing an existing home.

  • Material costs are higher now than they were in the past
  • Everything in your home from flooring to ceiling to fixtures to appliances will be brand new.

Since you’ll be paying a premium price, you’ll want to assure you are receiving premium service with each detail of the transaction carefully executed to protect the investment you are making in your new home.  Your local marketing specialist has the knowledge and ability to watch over each step of your new home purchase so you can relax and enjoy that “new home scent” for years to come!

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