C’s are A+ in New Jersey Real Estate

C’s are A+ in New Jersey Real Estate

June 07, 2019

CAULK:  Even if updating the bathroom isn’t a possibility, there is one thing that absolutely must be done and not skipped under any circumstance. Just imagine yourself walking into a bathroom. The tile may not be the latest style; the commode may look a little sad, but you might be able to overlook these as long as all you see is a clean, fresh looking caulk around the rim of the tub or shower stall. Same goes for around sinks and even countertops.

Over time caulk discolors, cracks and this makes the whole bathroom look drab and frankly, not clean even if the rest of the room is gleaming.  Removing old existing caulk and laying down clean fresh lines could save a sale.

CLEAR: Window sills, shelves, countertops, tables and walls – clearing away clutter allows a peaceful view of each rooms dimensions.  This may be the most important step you take toward getting your home ready to sell. A clear closet is a spacious closet, whatever the footprint.  Clear counters are spacious counters.  Don’t strain a potential new owners eyes to see where their stuff might fit, make it clear there’s plenty of room!

CLEAN: If you already keep a clean house, simply keep up the good work, checking to make sure you don’t overlook little-used closets and other nooks and crannies that aren’t part of your weekly routine. This needs to be a deep cleaning.  Clean literally can mean more money in a sale.  People offer higher prices for clean homes.  For a home to live up to the “move-in condition” description, it has to be clean.

And don’t forget to CREATE: a welcoming, cheery entry with fresh flowers, fresh smells and wide open space work as hard as your local marketing specialist to sell your home!

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