Common Sense Dressing Tips – for your Montclair home closet!

Common Sense Dressing Tips – for your Montclair home closet!

February 26, 2018

Common Sense dressing tips – for your Montclair clothes closet!

When we think closet space we usually think bigger is better – but who wants to give up good square footage in the bedroom? Male or female, we may love the glamour of the idea behind those walk in closets but if the house you love didn’t come with them, are your hopes of gorgeous closet storage dashed?

NO!  With just a few storage hacks, you can make the most of existing closet space.  Get a little creative and you can add a splash of glamour too! Glamour hacks make everyone feel better about their wardrobe!

Remember Mom telling you to dress in layers?  That was to keep out the cold.  That same concept though is great advice that works for keeping down the clutter and making the most of the space in your clothes closets.  Layers will break up the space, make things easier to locate, inspire organized storage and create a visually pleasing effect.


Some things take up less space hanging, some are better kept folded – you decide what ideas to copy and how they can work best for your personal needs.

Consider for instance, the interior design; who says the back and sides and inside of closet doors have to be boring?

Here’s a great hack to splurge on glamour without breaking the bank.  Wallpaper the back wall of your closet space with a paper that makes you feel happy!  Go on, live it up!  Most closet walls won’t take more than one roll of paper, so the expense probably won’t make your budget go wonky.

Solid closet door?  Get rid of that outdated “over the door” hook system, remove all those nails with unsightly bulk hanging from them and try this hack instead: hang a full length mirror in front of that happy producing paper you’ve just hung! It won’t just save wall or floor space in the bedroom, it won’t just be an excellent reflection of you; it’ll catch any light in the room and reflect that light, brightening everything up just a bit more.

DIY the shelving using existing book shelves or cubes to create exactly the right amount of folded storage and hanging storage.

Baskets and boxes and fun, pretty storage!  Scarves, accessories, belts and baubles – why would you hang it all out there to get dusty and faded?  Baskets and boxes keep it all organized, all in one place and easy to access!

Peg board is NOT your grandfather’s garage walls! Necklaces on short or  long chains stay untangled, easy to see and easy to store on small hooks in peg board, which also allows storage of different items at different spacing according to need be it belts or bangles and baubles.

Shoe storage – they usually come in hanging, shelf and shoe tree styles.  This is one hack that is all about personal choice. Like me, you may find that some of these choices scrunch, scrape and mis-shape any delicate footwear no matter how carefully arranged.  While great for athletic shoes, fancy dress up stuff may fare better the “old fashioned way”, on the floor, under the hanging clothes where they are easily seen and reached without being smushed up against each other causing damage.

Searching for the perfect closet in a new home?  Your local marketing specialist can help sort out the details surrounding the closet storage solutions that are just right for you!


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