Best Purchasing Practices in New Jersey Real Estate

Best Purchasing Practices in New Jersey Real Estate

March 27, 2020

The front door opens into a welcoming foyer which leads to the left into a perfectly appointed living area furnished with the latest style and color combinations.  To the right is a large formal dining room connected directly to the gourmet kitchen featuring your favorite appliances in the updated finishes you’ve always imagined. 

Front and center is a majestic staircase that rivals Tara from Gone With the Wind.

Do you have a clear image of your perfect dream home? Have you made a list of all the features it must have? Will you walk away from a property that doesn’t have huge mature trees in the back yard, or a wrap-around deck, or a large country-style kitchen, or comfy sunken living room? (Or all of the above?)

It’s okay to have a wish list of features that you want in a home. In fact, it’s a very good idea. It will make shopping that much easier. Plus, you’ll increase the chances of finding a property you like.  Knowing what you want and what you don’t want will also avoid trudging through an endless parade of homes that don’t meet your criteria.  

There is a word of caution however, we’ll call “flexibility”.  Why do you want to exercise a little flexibility when searching for your new home?

You in your online searches, or your diligent local marketing specialist in scanning all offerings in the marketplace on your behalf, are bound to come across properties on the market that fit most of your criteria, but not all. And if you’re not flexible with your wish list, you may miss out on some otherwise ideal opportunities.

Keep in mind that a less-than-perfect property can potentially be improved. If the house doesn’t have a wrap-around deck, you can build one. If it doesn’t have a spacious kitchen, you may be able to expand the kitchen area – perhaps by adding a pantry in an adjacent room.

The perfect home, at the right price, may not currently exist on the market. But a property that meets most of your criteria probably does and may be the perfect dream home with just a few tweaks here and there!

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