When all you want for the Holidays is a NEW HOUSE!

When all you want for the Holidays is a NEW HOUSE!

November 21, 2017

Another holiday season is kicking into full swing and most consumers are focused on almost anything other than buying or selling a house.  At least that is the common misconception that kicks in at this time of year along with gearing up for our holiday celebrations.  Turns out the polls show something different going on.

Data from a trusted real estate industry source, CoreLogic, presents a more positive perspective for potential home sellers to consider this year.  Buyers continue to flood the marketplace and Frank Northaft, Chief Economist for CoreLogic contends that any slowing in sales numbers is due to low inventory levels and not at all due to low levels of interest in purchasing a new home before the year ends.

There are a number of compelling reasons for those thinking about selling NOT to wait but to list now and why buyers are moving forward with a purchase during this holiday season!

  1. MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES; higher rates can mean increased monthly payments, making now the best time to lock in a lower rate and lower monthly payments.  Indications all point to rate increases coming this next year
  2. HOME PRICES have increased substantially; every indication is that they will continue to climb. Current home owners have gained equity, making a sale profitable.  Current buyers may discover NOW offers better affordability rather than later
  3. SERIOUS BUYERS aren’t letting the season dictate their purchase behavior. This is also the typical time of year for relocation buyers.  Changes in employment force the need to purchase before the new year begins and they move into their new job positions.
  4. DETERMINED BUYERS who were outbid or just couldn’t locate their perfect dream house during the spring or summer months are more determined than ever, now that there is less competition for them to contend with

HOMEOWNERS who choose not to wait just may find themselves receiving everything they could wish for this holiday season in their sale and BUYERS may discover the same, making it a win/win for both this holiday season.  Your local marketing specialist can advise about setting showing appointments that work for everyone and coordinating the closing details to suit all parties for a happy holiday real estate sale!


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