Sparkle Sparks Soaring Sales (or; How Clean Pays Off!)

Sparkle Sparks Soaring Sales (or; How Clean Pays Off!)

May 25, 2018

There is one element set apart from all others that has a major influence on how a buyer perceives the value of any property for sale.


Even if a house is small, dark, outdated and in disrepair, if it is relentlessly free of dust, debris, clutter and cobwebs a potential buyer will perceive its value at a higher price than the exact same house that is cluttered and dusty.

The house you want to sell is updated, well maintained and spacious.  Imagine the full price offers you could realize when it SPARKLES and shines!

That established, there are several less obvious but no less important areas to consider when evaluating the price to ask when you put your home on the market.  Your local marketing specialist will provide recent sales data of homes similar to yours in square footage, age and condition, but buyers consider these three more subtle influencers as well, and you should too:

  1. The slope of the backyard. Too much slope and a buyer assesses the area as less useful and therefore, of less value than the house next door sold for, even when there is the same overall square footage of lawn but less slope.Conversely, slope toward the house, no matter how slight, is seen as a detriment in need of concern.  Water can damage and weaken a foundation quickly.  Hiring a contractor to bulldoze or bring in earth to create that perfect slope away from the house while maintaining usefulness probably won’t see a return at sale, so that isn’t being recommended.  However, be aware that if this condition exists it will influence your selling price.
  2. The view. Unless you are lucky enough to overlook a beautiful body of water or pristine meadow, the view in most cases involves privacy issues.  Not just your view of the neighbor’s backyard, but the neighbors view into your yard!  This may not prove to be much of an issue for many people, but for some that backyard privacy can make or break the decision to purchase.
  3. Total Frontage Square Feet. More curb area has more curb appeal.  The perception is of a grander estate based on the entrance to the property.

You’ve probably surmised that what the eye perceives influences what the mind translates into value or the price one if willing to pay for a property.

Provide the desired eye candy = realize a higher sale price 

For your best marketing strategies in Montclair and the surrounding areas, your local marketing specialist has the know-how and inside insights to assist you!




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