How Real Estate Fattens YOUR Piggy Bank

How Real Estate Fattens YOUR Piggy Bank

February 02, 2017

Wall Street is only one of the many great streets to find ways to invest money and make a good return.  Other streets include those all around you.  Building your investment portfolio through real estate isn’t a new avenue to wealth, but it one that is often overlooked.

There is a perception that real estate investing is complicated and risky. Yet building real wealth through Real Estate is a proven, practical investment tool.  Have you thought about the many paths to a strong financial future real estate may provide?

The solid choice of financial increase via real estate investment can be yours, and here are just a few of the most compelling reasons why:

  • Resale home prices are steadily climbing an upward path
  • Interest rates, while recently ticking up, are still at historic lows
  • When you know what you are looking for you’ll find it in spite of the low inventory
  • Lenders offer a variety of packages to assist with funding

Even if you have no interest in taking on the role of landlord, you can begin building a healthy portfolio of profit in real estate.

Thanks to the many cable TV shows most people have been exposed to the idea of fix and flip investing.  You need to do your due diligence and research the market for the opportunity that fits your circumstance, but the potential yields are enormously attractive, especially when compared to current skinny interest rates being paid on savings accounts and bonds.

Buy a distressed property, rehab it and resell it in a short amount of time at a healthy profit.  That is the long and short of the story, but not the end of the story.

Choosing the right property for a fix and flip is equal parts research of market trends, educated guess work and gut instinct.  Just a sample of the elements to consider are:

  • Location and condition of a candidate property in relation to comparable sale prices and turnover rates in the immediately surrounding vicinity
  • Go the DIY route or hiring the work out to contractors? Time and material costs will help determine the best course of action
  • Funding options; use personal savings, take out a line of credit or hard money loan or involve multiple investors?

While there are no absolutes or guarantees, as far as investment risk percentages go, the odds favor fix and flips for a quick and tidy profit in Real Estate investing.  For the novice, working with a licensed REALTOR to locate properties will be just the first of their wisest investment choices.

Are your interest antennae buzzing? This post does not cover the multitude of research criteria necessary, nor is it intended to.  CONTACT me for more information to get started on this path to financial increase through real estate investment opportunities.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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