Real Estate choices; City or New York City Suburb?

Real Estate choices; City or New York City Suburb?

December 13, 2017

City or Suburb?

If bright lights, high energy and the ability to order take-out anytime of the day or night is top of your priority list then the big city may be the best place to call home.  But even these kinds of perks may not be enough to entice you into giving up a few major advantages that exist in finding your nest amidst the quieter suburban neighborhoods surrounding the major cities.

It really depends on what you value most – the occasional late night meal or the greater degree of privacy and space usually found away from those bright city lights.

While this post doesn’t aspire to provide a comprehensive Pros/Cons list it may perhaps give you some food for thought as you begin making decisions about where you would like to buy a home.

Although most agree city life seems to drain a bank account at a faster rate, one fantastic benefit found by researchers from Oxford University who, along with the University of Hong Kong conducted a study which showed that city dwellers may enjoy a healthier life overall than their suburban counterparts.

The findings revealed that the biggest factor is that those in city environments tend to walk to their destinations on a daily basis.  Due to the distances involved, suburbanites resort to traveling by auto for both the convenience and time constraints.

All is not lost for suburbanites, however, as new suburban developments incorporate many of the advantages found in cities into their planning along with attractive residential neighborhoods.  Older neighborhoods are also getting facelifts that include amenities that draw new business into suburban areas.  Restaurants, theaters and shops within walking distance should inspire greater physical activity to take place as well as more social activity which promotes healthier lifestyles all around.




Choosing the neighborhood that reflects your values and needs is easy; contact your local marketing specialist to decide if Montclair, Glen Ridge, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Westfield, Summit, Millburn, Maplewood, South Orange, Verona or the Caldwells is the place to seek your next home.


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