The path to the front door is the PATH to a great OFFER!

The path to the front door is the PATH to a great OFFER!

September 04, 2017

In preparing to put your home on the market for sale, one area sometimes overlooked, although it has a tremendous influence on potential buyers, is the path to the front door.

There is one chance to make the all-important first impression and its name is CURB APPEAL!

An appealing entrance will draw people into a home as surely as poor curb appeal can end a showing before it even begins.

  • CLEAN the front entrance including sweeping the porch area, steps and front walkway; send any web spinners scurrying away daily from your front entrance
  • TRIM bushes, trees, shrubs, flower beds, or any other live growth; don’t plant thoughts of work and upkeep before the house is viewed
  • CLEAR the walkway, steps and porch areas of any clutter; outside order is as important as order inside the home
  • WASH the windows, at least at the front of the house; these are the eyes of the home so make them sparkle in welcome
  • A FRESH COAT OF PAINT on the front door will brighten up the entire entrance
  • ADD A DASH OF DÉCOR’ – a fresh basket of colorful flowers, live or not, will do wonders.  Fresh greens in winter have the same affect.  The secret is just a dash, don’t overwhelm the senses
  • POSITION a eucalyptus or cinnamon wreath on the door or a spray of branches in an attractive urn by the entrance;  because smell is as powerful an impression as the visual one
  • FIX WHATEVER NEEDS FIXING –  install bulbs in porch lights, make sure doorbells ring, re-screen if needed

Surveys confirm that when a buyer already has a good feeling before entering a home they are close to 50% more likely to view the entire home in a more positive light.  Your local marketing specialist can help you decide how to make that fantastic first impression in your home, because positive first impressions are the best indicators for a positive outcome!



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