New or Used House in Northern New Jersey?

New or Used House in Northern New Jersey?

July 18, 2019

“We’re buying a new home!”  Said with excitement and enthusiasm, what these words are really conveying when most of us say them is that we are purchasing an existing house which is new to us. The idea of building a brand new house is certainly wonderfully appealing.  So why don’t more people actually pursue that avenue when they are ready to purchase a home?

Time and money are two of the major factors that keep most people from considering new construction.  For most of us, we’d like to buy and move into a home within a few months.  Building often takes a year or more depending on land preparation, permits and weather constraints.   Most of us believe that building a new home costs a lot more money than buying an existing house.  And we think we’ll need a lot more cash up front to build.  And won’t the final price always be more than we budgeted?

Maybe NOT!

Although it is true, as a National Association of Realtors study reveals, that the average price difference of construction for a moderate sized home can be more than a resale house, it is equally true that current low interest rates, attractive construction package loans and strong job economy is making building far more obtainable to a larger group of buyers in this real estate marketplace.

Particularly with inventory of existing homes for sale still hovering at extremely minimal numbers, new construction has increased substantially over the last year and especially in the low to moderate price ranges.

That affordability and availability combined with partnering with a local marketing specialist familiar with the process increases your odds of a successful and satisfying circumstance, should you decide to pursue new construction.

Imagine not just touring a home to see if it fits your lifestyle, but actually designing a home to fit you!

  • Adjusting usage of available interior square footage to accommodate your specific needs
  • Customized storage solutions
  • Personal choice over more than just wall colors or flooring options; having say about every finishing touch right down to the baseboard trim and outlet plates
  • Choosing exterior finishes including lighting placement and landscaping

These are just a few of the details you have the final authority over when you work with a builder to build your new home.

Whether you choose a neighborhood development already approved or begin with your own plot of land.  Building from the ground up is an attractive choice for anyone with definite ideas about what they want in their home.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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