April 23, 2019

CHOICES.  Buying a home in New Jersey means you will be making decisions on everything from how far you’re willing to drive to work to how much storage space you’ll need to what schools you want for your children, if you have any or are planning for them.

Deciding in advance what is negotiable, what isn’t negotiable and what is a non-starter for your lifestyle will absolutely not only make the process smoother, it could be the difference between buying a home you love forever – or one you need to sell when change comes your way.  Life is full of change, so anything you can do to make it all go so much less stressful is a good thing.

Once you walk through a house that may be incredibly attractive to you in one area but incredibly lacking in something you decided was of great importance – buyer’s remorse isn’t just a symptom you may suffer – you may end up losing out on making an offer on the very house that fits all your criteria.

If you are anything like the bulk of home shoppers, recent surveys indicate you want a house that doesn’t require a lot of renovations or upgrades. Home sellers should take note that In fact, nearly one third of home buyers in this market said this was by far the least negotiable item on the wish list.

Among the other things buyers said they wouldn’t compromise on included:

  • A house big enough for their needs
  • Truly livable outdoor space
  • A great neighborhood
  • Shorter commute time

Guided by the knowledge of your local marketing specialist, who has extensive knowledge not only of the homes available for sale but also of the features and conveniences you want most when making your home purchase in Essex County.

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