LIKE CLOCKWORK; This is crucial to your home sale success

LIKE CLOCKWORK; This is crucial to your home sale success

March 07, 2017

There are 3 very exact, very precise actions a real estate agent performs on behalf of their client:

  1. Provide knowledge and understanding of the current real estate market as relates to accomplishing a client goal to sell or buy real estate
  2. Negotiate each step of a transaction with the clients best interest always in mind
  3. Track and coordinate the myriad details and people involved in successfully completing the transaction

In almost every attic explored when we were children visiting grandparents, do you remember how we always seemed to come across an old clock of some sort?  Usually it was in that attic because for whatever reason, it had stopped working, stopped telling the precise time that made it useful in the first place.

If you were a curious sort of child, you might have looked inside that old clock and discovered how fascinating they are!  Cogs and wheels and springs all delicately balanced, all working in precise unison toward one purpose; to move the minute hand ahead a specific distance accurately every 60 seconds which in turn would move the hour hand ahead a precise distance every 60 minutes.  Those cogs and wheels and springs were calibrated meticulously so time would march on in the measured manner in which it was intended.

Just one spring slightly un-sprung, one wheel tilted minimally off balance, one cog with a chipped tooth and the entire thing, though the hands might still move and appear to be functioning, is rendered useless in performing the one job it was needed to perform, keeping accurate time.

Hiring an agent to watch over the process of selling or buying a house makes excellent sense; unless they don’t perform accurately.  Which is why just hiring any agent may result in a completed transaction, but hiring the right agent?

The right agent has up to the moment market information from which they will assist you in gleaning your best list price or your best offer price for any given property.

The right agent is skilled in applying the delicate balance of give and take that results in positive negotiation where terms favor each party involved.

The right agent is an expert juggler who won’t drop the ball on those small but not insignificant details that result in successful closings.

Start to finish, hiring the right local agent is moving everyone forward in precise fashion much like that perfectly calibrated clock.  Keeping exact time so you are never late, never miss a deadline and when you finish your transaction there is no doubt it was right on time!

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