Is FSBO really your best option?

Is FSBO really your best option?

February 20, 2017

Inventory levels are low with more buyers searching for homes than there are homes available for sale.  One might easily assume that when it comes time to selling your home, selling it yourself quickly and for the price you want, without the assistance of a professional, probably won’t be much of a problem, right?  Not true – and unfortunately what many quickly come to realize, but too late, is that they set themselves up for failure and a loss, instead of any savings.

It takes a certain skill set and experience to market a home for top dollar, no matter what is happening in the real estate market at any particular time.

According to the NAR reports, buyers typically offer 10-20% less than market value on a For Sale By Owner transaction.  That could leave a lot of money – your money – on the table with each offer. You may not even realize you are leaving money behind! And statistics show, that the longer your home sits on the market, the more money you loose, even over the first couple of weeks.

Those first couple of weeks are extremely important and must be taken full advantage of, but in the right ways.

What if you make the error of overpricing at the beginning?  That has the same sad result; because once you lower the price, you’ve both lost the momentum of those first few weeks and now you are indicating the home is up for haggling over price.  Either way, you are still leaving the potential return on your investment on the table.

Receiving an offer is just the first step to getting to the closing table. There are pitfalls to navigate, such as the home inspection and appraisal that have the potential to derail your home sale, or at the very least, cost you MORE MONEY.  And not everyone calling to view your home will be a qualified buyer, wasting your time and energy.

May I offer these ways that an agent dedicated to representing YOU in the sale of your New Jersey home, saves you both time and money for your consideration:

  • Listing Agent has intimate knowledge of the market to set best List Price
  • Listing Agent prepares and executes all marketing activities
  • Listing Agent coordinates all showings for your convenience
  • Listing Agent follows up on potential buyer interest
  • Listing Agent prepares all legal paperwork properly to protect your interests
  • Listing Agent negotiates, dispassionately and professionally, on your behalf
  • Listing Agent coordinates the details involved in successful closing

Choosing to self-market your house isn’t impossible – every house sells for the right price.  But how much of your investment will you be leaving on the table?  And is the work, aggravation, and additional stress worth the perceived but often unrealized savings when you go it alone?

ps – statistics also show that a FSBO actually helps sell neighbors homes faster!

Moving has been reported to be one of the top 3 most stressful times in life.  Why make your move more stressful than it has to be?

Let this dedicated New Jersey marketing consultant alleviate the stress for you in your home sale, and get you top dollar in the process!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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