Home Sale 411 – Packaging Potential

Home Sale 411 – Packaging Potential

April 05, 2019

17% – that’s how much higher on average the offers are made for homes that prepared and staged before being marketed for sale.  Even if you do stage, unless you just updated, remodeled or are selling a brand new build, it’s possible there are a few areas in the house you want to sell that aren’t quite what buyer expectations currently include.

What can you do to overcome these seeming obstacles?  Are there other options beyond just pricing very low?  And what if remodeling or extensive updating isn’t in the budget?  How can you compete successfully against the competition?

We all know we can’t put a price tag on potential when selling a house but there are ways to edge out the competition.  How interested would you be if there was a way to “sell” potential to prospective buyers in your home sale?

Consider that when a buyer is walking through your home two thoughts are dominating their mind:

  • How you are using the spaces of the home
  • How they might use the space in the home

What you want to accomplish is to hint and suggest how they might use the space based on the things that today’s buyers are looking for when house shopping.  You may even want to tour a few open houses to get an idea of the kinds of spaces buyers are seeking in a new home, or simply click to check with your local marketing specialist!


Here are only a few of the ways your house can make a lasting impression while selling a buyer on the potential!

  1. If there is an alcove, extra-large hall area or odd corner that might present a challenge but could meet a buyers desire for office space, child’s play area or additional storage space; suggestive staging shows that off!
  2. Can you carve out a functional foyer if one doesn’t already exist? A hall tree or half wall with space for keys, backbacks, sunglasses etc that separates the entry from living spaces offering a convenient dropping point for items we don’t want to go searching for every time we leave the house!
  3. Remove all window treatments you won’t be leaving with the sale. Then add curb appeal and WOW factor.  A flower covered trellis, flower box (use silk blooms), trimmed tree or even a potted plant carefully framed by each window.  Add sheer curtain panels of a contrast color to the walls that will POP and highlight the view outside. (If you are lucky enough to have a really spectacular outdoor view, leave the window clear of distractions!)
  4. Unfinished basements, attic transformations, outdoor kitchens or other potentially wonderful possibilities? Add a nicely framed picture to inspire buyers to “see it” for themselves!  Perhaps even a few furnishings to give birth to the potential in the minds of those potential new home owners.

Yes, you can stage for potential to help spark offers even when going up against stiff competition, even if you can’t actually sell potential.


Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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