February 05, 2019

Popular on YouTube styled videos, blog posts and in book form, organizing and decluttering our homes is enjoying a renewed devotion and enthusiasm among many of us.  In all of the advice, there is one secret that hasn’t been revealed, but which is the absolute BEST, absolute FASTEST way to organize and declutter a home.

Would you like to know this one well-guarded secret to finally getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your home?

It can be summed up in one four letter word…..


NO ONE wants to spend all the time, energy, effort and packing materials it takes to pack items of little to no value or worth and drag them along to your new home.  There is almost nothing else that has quite the motivating factor of enabling us to quickly and efficiently decide whether to keep or throw away an item like the need to:

  • pack it
  • pick it up
  • put it in a truck or car
  • haul it somewhere else
  • carry that heavy, bulky thing up a flight of stairs or even across a fresh threshold
  • then having to unpack it
  • find a place to put it
  • and ignore it for another 3-4 years before FINALLY throwing it out!

Ask anyone who has packed their things for a move recently and they are sure to tell you – it is the most efficient organizing action you can take.

Not only is the need to pack and unpack a great motivator for weeding out the unnecessary or unworthy items from your life, but doing so can help you sell a home faster and for a higher price.  Real estate experts have been advising decluttering and depersonalizing a space for many years, because it really does work!

Not sure where to start?  Your local marketing specialist has the information you need to not only get started but make a successful end to your next move.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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