Every Benefit of Selling and Buying a Home in the Montclair area

Every Benefit of Selling and Buying a Home in the Montclair area

November 09, 2017


You can find every house for sale by searching the internet.  Many sites even provide current pricing and sold prices for comparisons, making a DIY option seem like such an easy business.

You can legally buy or sell on your own, but that doesn’t mean that’s the best way for you to buy or sell real estate.   A real estate transaction is made up of many details and few of them seeming crucial to your future happiness.  Until one of them IS crucial to your future happiness!

For the buyer or seller of property, it isn’t easy – between all the information to be considered and the dizzying amount of paperwork necessary to cover all the legal bases and possible scenario’s DEMANDS the skilled attention of an expert with experience to avoid mistakes that can be extremely costly in the long run.

Consider these concerns:

INDUSTRY SPECIFIC TERMS; real estate speak is a language of many nuances.  Not being familiar with the lingo can lead to misunderstandings of astonishing proportions.

SEEING PAST THE WALLS; beyond the specific home you choose, you’ll want the resources you can turn to, and explore everything about the neighborhood, the quality of the schools, the utilities and nearby amenities. These resources are available from your agent.

NEGOTIATION BASED ON FACT, NOT EMOTION; a buyer who loved the home, a seller who really needed the sale – and both lost out on what could have been the right transaction all because their emotions clouded their ability to negotiate a winning deal.  Criticism, unreasonable requests or even the tone inferred in asking for something can set off a conflagration of over the top emotional responses that end a deal before it even starts.  Your agent will defuse potentially hazardous situations before they start, negotiating for a successful outcome on your behalf.

THE TRIBE; completing a home sale involves a small tribe of specialists.  Everything from the home inspection, mortgage specialists and through to closing; you need a team working together to make it all happen in a coordinated and timely fashion.  Your real estate representative is trained to bring the tribe together to complete your sale through to a successful close.

Are you aware of recent changes in the laws and regulations related to real estate transfers?  What about zoning concerns or HOA information?  Your local marketing specialist has the 411!  You don’t need to wander down the real estate road alone, hoping you won’t get lost.  An agent is your personal GPS, making sure every turn you take leads to the sale outcome you want most.


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