Your Essex County NJ Fall Maintenance List

Your Essex County NJ Fall Maintenance List

October 09, 2019

You’ve changed the filter in the furnace, turned off the sprinkler system, closed the outside water spigots and covered them against the coming cold – NOW WHAT?!?


Did you know keeping your lawn mower and garden tools in a covered area extends their life and usefulness?  However, your lawn mower, no matter whether push or ride on, still needs a little more attention to give you its best year after year.

  • DRAIN the gas completely – usually best done by running the mower until the tank is empty
  • DISCONNECT the battery terminals; to make certain the battery is ready to weather winter and then take on the first mowing of the spring- fully charge it before storing for the season
  • PROTECT the engine and extend its life by storing it clean and dry; cover air intake and exhaust openings so they don’t become hibernation caves for insects looking for winter quarters

Did you know that your gas grill needs to be winterized?  Unless you use your grill year round, covering it for the winter is great – but not enough if you want to preserve its life winter after winter.

  • SHUT OFF the gas and turn everything to “OFF” – but leave the tank connected unless you’re bringing the unit inside. ALWAYS store propane tanks outdoors and away from your home!
  • CLEAN the grill and inside of food bits and grease from the summer feasts
  • COVER burners and gas lines, again, to inhibit insect infestations in the tubes and crevices

Did you know you don’t have to cover your entire A/C compressor?  In fact, it is discouraged because it can encourage rust through condensation.

  • PROTECT the top opening, with a tight fitting cover or piece of wood to keep leaves and debris out of the unit.
  • PLAN on cleaning the unit just prior to putting it back into service come summer

Did you know your sprinkler system should be blown dry for optimal operation? Turning it off is just the beginning of winter preparation.

  • AIR DRY the entire system with an air compressor. Any water particles can freeze and cause damage over the cold months.  Remember to blow through each zone.  Don’t have an air compressor? Call a local landscape company – they can take care of this chore for you
  • NOTE any broken heads and plan to replace or repair them before turning the system back on come spring

Did you know cold air blowing in meets your warm air and the resulting condensation can cause damage to window and door weather stripping?  Protect your wallet and your home by checking for leaks before the heat comes on!

  • LIGHT is your first indication that air is flowing. Check window seals and door seals or other openings
  • REPLACE older weather stripping. It isn’t necessary to change it annually, but at least every five years or so will keep your seals healthy
  • CHECK door sweeps. They tend to wear faster from the constant motion and scraping as doors open and shut

Did you know Chimney Sweeping is an actual profession? Not only is a delightful Disney character, a chimney sweep a fire prevention hero!

  • CLEAN the creosote from wood burning fireplace chimneys annually before the season. Creosote build-up is the number one cause of chimney fires!

Did you know your hot water tank needs regular attention?

  • DRAIN the tank. Sediment builds up over time and can cause rust that leads to leaks and clogs in the water flow. Once a year, drain and clean the heater and extend the life and efficiency of your unit.

Did you know that common household VEGETABLE OIL is great for quick and easy clean up of oil based paint for brushes – AND YOUR HANDS!  It is equally effective on cleaning away wood stain, grease and adhesives that can be stubborn and difficult to clean.  Plus, using vegetable oil is better for your skin than scrubbing and scratching away product with harsh cleaners and it leaves your skin soft!

Did you know that when you are thinking of buying and selling a home, the sooner you connect with a local marketing specialist, the less stress and worry you will experience by the end of your real estate journey!

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