What Drives Your New Jersey Real Estate Choices?

What Drives Your New Jersey Real Estate Choices?

October 10, 2017

When you are getting ready to purchase that new home, visions of kitchen islands, master suite lay-outs and relaxing patio settings most likely dominate your thoughts. That’s exactly as it should be and we’d like to recommend the New Jersey suburb of Montclair for your consideration to meet those exacting standards.


Montclair was recognized by New York Magazine as one of the Top 10 most affordable places to live.  That’s a very good reason to choose this pleasant suburb, but that isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from other places you may be considering.  Montclair is a unique place of beauty, most of the homes sporting their own style of architecture which lends to the view one encounters here.  That lack of cookie cutter mass construction rendering the neighbor’s home virtually indistinguishable from the next is just one more of the reasons however.


How much time is too much time spent trying to get to and from work?  Like it is with 11 million other people, a reasonable commute time to your place of business is probably a major concern as you consider where to look for a place to live.

In 1856 train service was begun between New York and New Jersey, and one of the first railroad suburbs, as they were called, was this particularly spectacular ‘burb we know as Montclair.

As related above there are many reasons to choose to call Montclair home, not the least of which is the commute.  With the Midtown Direct service you can be at Penn Station in as little as 29 minutes.  Drive times are just about an hour, whether you take public transportation or drive yourself into the city.

What good is having the perfect space for relaxation if you’re always on the road instead of at home enjoying it? Call us, and we’ll make sure you find just the place to settle down in and the time to settle down there.

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