April 05, 2018

One of the priority reasons you MUST have an experienced and professional Realtor working with you on the sale or purchase of property is not just the sheer volume of paperwork involved, but the liability involved in getting it all done correctly!

Almost every home offered for sale, many times even those offered by an owner of the real estate property, is available to view online.  Often, the research for information absolutely necessary to make an enlightened decision can be found, however, analyzing that data can be tricky in a changing marketplace.  Your reasons for buying or selling also come into play, along with all the circumstances that brought you to the decision in the first place.

The professional input available from a local marketing specialist can mean the difference between making a great deal and giving away the farm!

Your local agent has knowledge that goes deeper than what is revealed on the surface via internet searches and search engine facts and figures that simply may not be accurate at all.


Local resources vary from community to community and appraised pricing can vary as well, depending on amenities and proximity to sought after circumstances.

As a local market expert I help you find exactly the atmosphere, housing styles and community feel you desire most!


Having a friend or family member who is an agent might make your choice seem easy, but is that the very best choice for you and your need?  While a family member or friend may actually be the best choice if they are experienced and knowledgeable about the area you are working in, if they aren’t, they may not be the best fit.

We all want to believe friends and family would never let us down, but too close a personal relationship could lead to favoring other client needs above yours, assuming you’ll understand and be forgiving.  But what if that being taken for granted cost you your dream home, or thousands of sale dollars you might have realized otherwise?

Friend, family or local expert; choose what will work best in your favor.


Whether selling or, after scrimping and saving, thoughtful planning and late nights virtually touring every house that’s come and gone on the market during the preparation stage to purchase, you definitely need to:

  1. Choose a top market expert in the community you are looking to sell or purchase to protect your real estate investment
  2. Work with the Realtor that inspires the greatest confidence of receiving the time and attention you deserve
  3. Choose that Realtor you feel most comfortable has the expertise and knowledge for a successful real estate transaction from start to finish

A real estate agent isn’t a one-time hire; it’s really about developing a relationship with a specialist who can serve the many needs you’ll encounter in the years ahead.

  • Recommendations for handyman help when repairs are needed or renovations are being made
  • Information about home values, valuable not just at resale time, but when a new tax assessment comes in
  • Assistance to understand how changes in community zoning or other laws affect your real estate investment

Home ownership affects your financial future for many years, and you deserve the absolute best information, counsel and guidance throughout the process.  At Laura Sulborski-Keller Williams-NJMG, you can count on receiving our BEST during the process and after the sale is finalized.


Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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