Decorating My Northern New Jersey Home

Decorating My Northern New Jersey Home

February 14, 2019

I am so ready to dive into spring wholeheartedly – who’s with me?  The latest décor updates for 2019 are all about warm colors in cozy spaces that invite you to curl up, put your feet on the furniture and RELAX!

Speaking of furniture, one big forecast is a trend to smaller pieces arranged intimately that lend a “nesting vibe” to your home, perfect for private chats and sharing secrets with friends and family.

Quiet green hues add to this atmosphere, replacing the recently favored more vibrant family of colors from the blue spectrum.  Watch for the newest fabrics and patterns to emerge on throw pillows, area rugs and new wallpapering styles!  That’s right, wallpaper is back and making an impact with new patterns showing out as often as updates of old favorites we once found gracing our grandparents homes. That cozy, comfy livable feel most desired can be oh so easily achieved by the warmth wallpaper brings to a room, or even just a small space within a larger room.

Splashes of color against more sedate backgrounds continues to dominate the faves among upscale designers and DIY’ers alike.  Yellow is experiencing increased popularity right now with orange hues hard on its heels. Think “1970’s throwback” upgraded.

If you’ve ever enjoyed antiquing, you’ll be especially excited to pull out those once considered “campy” treasures you found and fit them into your decorating schemes this season.  Remember skirted tables? They’re baaack!  Even sofa pillows are enjoying a full on surge this year, as comfort is the buzz word for home furnishings.

Beige seems to have seen its better days as more people are opting for soft but more colorful wall and trim choices.  Floors are getting more attention too, as laminates, luxury vinyl’s and tile offer an array of color and texture choices beyond simple wood or carpet.

Are you itching to decorate a home of your own this year?  Discover all the wonderful canvas’ to practice on in northern New Jersey.  Your local marketing specialist can assist you in choosing exactly the right canvas for your style to shine through!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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