Back to School in Essex County NJ

Back to School in Essex County NJ

August 23, 2019

Back to school is a busy time for everyone, and in the real estate industry, we see evidence of that activity about 3-4 months before the official opening dates.  Most people want to find and move into their new home before the school yard fills up with the excited chatter of children.

In fact, one of the most asked questions when touring a possible new home, especially by first time home buyers and most specifically home buyers who have or plan to have children, is about the school district.  Essex County NJ has a website you can research everything you want and need to know about the school districts from pre-K on up and including specialty tech options, too.

Is thinking you can’t afford a home or won’t qualify for a mortgage holding you back? Let this local marketing specialist help you dispel those doubts and this could be the school year you graduate into your own home!

Credit Score concerns: as long as your score is above 580, there may be a loan program for you!  If you know you have some clean up to do on your credit, don’t’ let it stop you! Counsel with a lender for real time information on what it will take, and how long it will take, to get your score in shape for an approval.  Remember, every month that passes is a month you could be earning equity gains on a house you own.

Down payment options: There are so many alternatives available to the standard 20% down payment that was once a requirement.  Your lender and agent can provide the most up to date information you’ll need to decide what works for your situation.

Closing costs and other financial concerns: often, a seller may agree to cover the costs associated with a home purchase.  This can ease the burden on the buyer a tremendous amount.

At the very least, a frank conversation with a local real estate professional may yield answers that will surprise you! Financial freedom can begin with the security and enjoyment of owning your home. Home ownership is a rock solid way to build toward a strong financial foundation for your future!

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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