Autumn Chores now for Spring Joy Later!

Autumn Chores now for Spring Joy Later!

October 02, 2018

With winter just around the corner, the only thing you may be thinking about your lawn is “thank goodness I don’t have to mow for awhile!”  Before you put all thoughts of the greenery around the house aside for a season, these 3 small lawn tasks can help ensure a beautiful spring reveal a few months from now.

  1. Keep trimming until you wake up to winter frost

Grass doesn’t stop growing with the cold, it continues until that first frost covers it.  Be generous though, don’t give the lawn a crew cut!  Ideally, blades should be between 2-3 inches long for optimal health.  Too short a cut and the frosty snow covering might damage the root system, leaving you a dead looking lawn come spring!

  1. Don’t let fall leaves smother spring growth

Clearing leaves from your lawn is an absolute necessity for grass health.  Leaving them lie can encourage fungus growth that destroys the grass underneath!  Not to mention blocking sunlight, which seriously stunts the health of your lawn!  Instead, rake those leaves into a compost pile and gain both healthy grass and mulch for spring planting!

  1. Crowd out weeds and thicken the lawn at the same time

As with flower bulbs, autumn is the best time for seeding your lawn.  Not only will that fill out any bald spots left by summer heat, but an abundance of new grass growth can crowd out weeds, too.  Just make sure to plant in the early fall, well before any frost, and lightly water once a day until they germinate.  And don’t forget to fertilize!

Too busy, but still want a gorgeous lush lawn come spring?  This is great time of year to hire local kids from around your neighborhood!  They have the energy and most are happy to make extra spending money before the holidays!  They win and you’ll have a full healthy yard to enjoy this spring!

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