April 05, 2019

Would you like to know the 5 secrets of awesome home design that work for every room, every type of furniture and every personal style – every time?

Planning a move to a new house in your near future, just moved or simply need some help in the decorating department – these 5 design secrets make transitioning from jumble to stylish a snap!

Especially if you are wondering how the “old” furniture is going to transition to your “new” home, following these simple, classic secrets take the guess work and frustration out of room arrangement.

  1. TOUCH POINT – also known as a focal point. This can be anything from a feature built right into a room, like a fireplace, a window with a spectacular view to a great piece of furniture or stunning art piece.  Choose what you want to highlight, then build a frame making your touch point the center of attention.  Incorporate walking paths based on room flow and you can’t go wrong.


  1. ANCHOR THE SPACE – whether it’s a large room or a small one, your arrangement will be cozier when clearly designated. This can be done easily with a floor covering or creative tile or wood design that sets the seating area apart.  By defining the conversation zone you create an atmosphere of intimacy.


  1. STYLE TONE – all of your pieces are part of a matched set creating a more formal space, or style for casual vibe with eclectic pieces with just enough in common to mix comfortably. Whatever your personal style, let your spaces show that off to the best advantage.


  1. COLOR – formal or casual, pull it all together with color! Mingle bold color among a subtle background or go all bold!  Create interest even with a monochrome color scheme by weaving together many hues of the same color.  Don’t forget to establish contrasts by fusing pattern and texture into your choices.  One of the easiest ways to change a room up without buying new furniture every season is stick to neutrals for the bigger pieces and spice things up with an array of pillows and throws.


  1. DRESS THE WALLS – Once your arrangement is in place, accessorize by dressing those walls with your favorite art! Create a gallery of fascination or highlight one special piece centered off your touch point.  Mount your wall décor at eye level to make a statement.


These simple rules can be applied to any room arrangements or furnishing types.  Decorate to your style preferences with confidence or experiment with design trends to find what fits.  Contemporary, antique, classic or a funky mix, it will all mesh pleasantly when you apply these designing secrets.  Need a home to practice these rules on?  Your local marketing specialist is a great source for that!

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