4 Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quickly & For Top Dollar

4 Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quickly & For Top Dollar

November 12, 2016

Appearance is important when your home is placed on the market. Statistics show that staged homes receive more money than those not staged. There is value in sprucing up your home before putting it on the market. So what does staging do and how is it accomplished? One decorates with a purpose – to attract and entice potential buyers so that your home sells faster for more money. But helping buyers fall in love with your property involves more than cleaning up and cutting the grass. To help you get home staging right, here are 4 simple but extremely effective tips that will help your home shine:

1.) De-clutter and clean
A spotlessly clean home that has no clutter is more attractive to potential buyers as it creates the illusion that the home is easy to maintain. Before showcasing a property to potential buyers it is advisable to take your time and thoroughly clean the home from top to bottom. Here some cleaning and de-cluttering tips;
• Start with the kitchen by ensuring every counter is clean and has no clutter whatsoever; store small kitchen appliances neatly in cupboards
• Ensure all visible linens are brand new or clean enough to appear brand new
• Depersonalize your home – put away family photographs, personal heirlooms, and knic-knacs.
• Organize the garage, closets, the refrigerator!

If you cannot do it DIY then hire a reliable cleaning company to clean the house thoroughly, and supervise so that the cleaners get all the nooks and crannies, down to the last detail. Finish up with a light fragrance if needed, to make sure there is no lingering detergent or bleach smell.

Before showing your house to potential buyers, it is very important to tidy, store, sell, donate and dispose of any unnecessary possessions.

2.) Outside and In
First impressions are everything when trying to sell a home. Prospective buyers linger outside before coming inside therefore ensure you don’t ignore making both your front yard and backyard appealing. Some buyers just do a quick drive by before deciding to take a look inside. Ensure the outside is enticing enough to fuel their interest to look inside. Get the outside right by;
• Mowing the lawn neatly
• Ensuring all front windows are newly cleaned – and clean all windows inside and out if necessary
• Repaint the porch floor to make it more attractive
• All your plants and flowers should be in perfect condition

3.) Visually enlarge spaces without making them feel cold
The best impression to give potential buyers is that the property you are selling is warm and spacious. This means getting rid of bulky furniture that makes your living room appear over-stuffed and small. It also means de-cluttering the bedrooms and neatly arranging closets to give the impression that they are large enough to accommodate possessions and still leave some extra space. To ensure any larger roomsdo not feel cold, use accessories strategically. For instance, make mirrors part of the decor. Mirrors create the illusion of space. Also use bright, fresh colors associated with the seasons, to create a warm feeling in empty spaces.

4.) Configure rooms to be appealing to the most amount of people.
Try as much as possible to depersonalize your property before putting it up for sale. Home staging is intended to appeal to prospective buyers by making the home suitable to buyer’s needs and preferences. This means highly personal decor may be unappealing to a large percentage of buyers. Configuring rooms to be appealing to the most amounts of people will need detaching yourself from your home. This will help take the focus from the seller. For this to be successful you first and foremost need to understand who your potential buyer is. After identifying who your target market is, tailor your home to fit the need, tastes and preferences of who you are trying to entice.

Proper home staging can help you sell faster and at a higher price.

Let me show you how I incorporate professional home staging into every listing and with the goal of marketing your home to bring you the greatest return on your investment.

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