The 4 Cornerposts of Selling Well in Montclair

The 4 Cornerposts of Selling Well in Montclair

January 25, 2017

The rapid turnover being experienced in our local real estate market may strongly tempt you to skip the foundational basics of good sale practices.  As your local New Jersey agent I can assure you that especially when things are selling fast, skipping the basics is best avoided!  The unfortunate fact is that skipping over them might even help the home down the street sell faster.   Trust the process and be sure you are following these four foundational basics for your best sales transaction.

  1. Market Price

The right listing price will attract the buyers.  The offers they make will determine the market price as buyers bid to purchase the home.  List Price may simply be the starting point.  Based on the specific features your house includes, along with the basics every home offers, buyer purchase price will reflect the value they place on those features.


  • SQUARE FOOTAGE & LAND; layout and usability
  • APPLIANCES & FIXTURES; updated and in good working order
  • LOCATION; school ratings and proximity of amenities


  1. Terms

A buyer may offer all cash or finance the purchase.  In multiple offers, determine ahead of time other terms that you find most attractive


  • Quick closing or would you prefer additional time to move
  • Selling in “As Is” condition with no repair allowances


  1. Visual Appeal

IT IS ALWAYS A BEAUTY CONTEST.  When your home and the house down the street are essentially the same, the prettiest house will almost always sell first and most likely for above List Price

  • Updated fixtures, appliances and décor absolutely do make a difference in price offered
  • The clean, uncluttered house raises value in the eye of the beholder


  1. Your Team Players

Consider all the professionals who will be part of guiding your sales process from start to finish.  From the agent you choose to your attorney and everyone in between.  They all make a difference to what you experience.

  • Interview several real estate attorneys. You want to feel comfortable and confident about the closing of your real estate transaction.
  • Ask your agent for several recommendations you can follow up on. Check references.  Get referrals from friends or family who have sold a home recently.

Learn why others have hired me to lead their team, then let me show you how I will make coordinating your team the priority to produce a low stress, smooth transaction in the sale of your home.

Give me a call or send an email if you'd like more detailed information on either selling or buying!

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