May 13, 2018

Relocating across many miles or just across town – opportunity for exploration and new experiences abound!  Expenses may abound as well, but with a little planning, these top three tips can help you control the budget for a smooth move:

  1. Some light reconnaissance can lead to BIG savings – like FREE help!

Before you fork over the dough for every little thing in a move, do a little research.  You may discover most, if not all, you need can be had for little to no out of pocket cost.  Are you relocating for a job?  The employer may pick up the tab.  Boxes are a resource that can be had for FREE.  Ask at the local grocery and big box stores, they are usually glad to supply a mountain of cardboard in all shapes and sizes!  When it comes to moving supplies, see what free moving supplies are available for the asking at your workplace and local stores.

2. Prioritize!

Working within a budget, it is essential you contract and pay only for services you really need.  Don’t just hire the first mover on the list.  Get several estimates and compare what is being offered.  Do you need someone to do the packing for you, or just someone to do the heavy lifting?  Many moving specialists offer a wide variety of packages to choose from.  Sign up only for those you want or simply cannot do yourself. This could include moving big items or those with special requirements such as a piano.

  1. DIY for savings!

If you have the time and area able, planning in advance and working your plan may make the DIY move a feasible and cost saving alternative.  By making preparations long before moving day you can realize a financial saving and minimize stress at the same time.  Is worry over the treatment and care of your belongings worth the emotional toll?  Peace of mind may prevail when you wrap those keepsakes and treasures yourself.  A phone call or two is all it takes to disconnect utilities at the old address and sign up for your new one, so skip the paid services to do this easy task.

Not certain who to call to arrange the services you will need?  Your local marketing specialist is a great source for information and recommendations!  When budgeting for your move be sure to include funds that allow you to explore and discover the delights around your new home sweet home!


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